Shuttle XPCSZ270R8 with Optane 900P 280GB

I try to get my Shuttle XPC SZ270R8 with Optane 900P 280GB drive to work..

Shuttle Global – SZ270R8

I have the Optane with the m.2 connector/adapter SSDPE21D280GASM

The difference between Intel Optane 900p 280GB SSDPE21D280GASM and SSDPE21D280GASX


I think I have tried every setting in the BIOS/UEFI, but can`t detect the Optane drive.

I have tried a Samsung 960 Pro m.2 drive. And with the Samsung drive I can detect it and install windows on it. ( so the computer can detect the Samsung drive but not the Opotane drive…)

I bought a Startech pci express to m.2 adapter card. x4 PCI Express to M.2 PCIe SSD Adapter | HDD Adapters |

With the Optane drive connected to this card, I am able to detect the Optane drive in windows after booting from the Samsung 960 drive.

So clearly the Optane drive is working….


So why can`t I detect the Optane drive in BIOS/UEFI and install windows on it?

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Quark X1000 SoC future

Dear community, I read the discontinuation notice regarding the Galileo board, but I don’t understand if the discontinuation is applied even to the Quark X1000 SoC.


We are planning to start a project based on Quark X1000 SoC but we want know if it will be supported in the future…




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Giga PHY IntelĀ® I218V and GigaLAN IntelĀ® I211AT not working on Windows Server 2016



I have purchased a new Asrock X99 Taichi. The motherboard has two network chips installed onboard:

  1. Giga PHY Intel® I218V
  2. GigaLAN Intel® I211AT

After trying to install the driver for my Windows Server 2016 operating system I receive the error message ‘Not intel adapter available’ I have try to install the original drivers from Asrock and Intel but both is not working?


Can anyone help on this issue,

Thanks in advanced

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Custom bios logo with latest bios KYSKLi70.86A



I just tried to update the nuc skull with my own custom logo – followed the instructions from the intel intrgator toolkit pdf and made a .bio file with my jpg – No errors.

After a restart i pressed f7 to go to the bios update screen and selected my newly created .bio file. It then restarts to a screen where i can press 9 to allow updating/upgrading. The nuc

tries to install the .bio file but restarts after 1 second without updating the bios logo. I have updated several other (older) nucs logos without problem.

Is the nuc skull really supported in the integrator toolkit and with bios logo update?

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AC-3165 Speed Issues

I have an HP laptop with the AC-3165 wireless adapter.  I will do a speed test and it will get about 25-30 mbits, if I turn off the adapter, give it a few seconds and turn it back on it will get my full speed of 100 mbits.  Has anyone else had this issue?  Running Windows 10 64-bit latest drivers installed.

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Output to option missing

Hy everybody!


I have a problem when I try connecting my laptop through a HDMI cable to an external monitor or the TV.

Until 2 days ago it worked just fine, but one morning when I opened my laptop, the monitor would not connect and the Output to option in Graphic Options is missing. I changed the cable as I thought this would be the problem, but unfortunately it is not working.

I must mention that when I opened my laptop that morning, it took a long while to open as it was making some updates. After these updates, the option dissapeared.

Also, the monitor is brand new and it worked perfectly and now suddenly the laptop does not see it.


I already tried a driver update, still not working.

I attached the configuration info of the laptop.


Please help.

Thank you

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NUC 6ixSYx – new BIOS update 0065

Dear Intel people,


3.1.2018 Intel released new BIOS update ver. 0065. In release note I see only one easy descrition:

Updated CPU Microcode (Security Advisory-00088)


Can you please:

1, check and specify, if this CPU Microcode is somehow related to global Intel issue named Meltdown ? And if yes

2, can you please also tell us if our CPU will be slowed-down (in some cases) after this 0065 update?


Thank you very much,



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WIN 7 – Xhci Port-4 not showing pendrive notification and autoplay dialog

What could be the reason that my usb port 4 is not showing pen drive notification whereas all other three usb ports straight from xhci hub are showing it. However, the device works fine and pops as a device D: or other.


I tried following

1. Modify asl uefi code but didnt work, thought ACPI topology mapping issue

2. Updated XHC controller driver, but cannot blame driver as notification for other ports are showing up.

3. UsbViewer shows the device connected to the relevant port.

4. There is a separate EHCI controller and root hub.


It works when

1. Connect USB 2/3 hub, both cases pendrive auto play and notification in system tray show up.

2. Could it possible be the hardware design issue ?



Notifications are there in the windows 7 on usb pendrive connection / disconnection on that particular port. What seems that windows internally checking for hot plug notification. Question is

1. What it is that windows 7 checks on usb hp notification to pops that notification ?

2. Could this fix trace down to bios uefi ?

3. Can there be a software ( bios / driver / windows patch ) possible to fix this issue.



Answers appreciated.



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